UPC-E Barcode

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Zero suppressed UPC, GTIN-12.

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The Universal Product Code Version E (UPC-E) code is an 8 digit code that is used on products that are too small to hold a regular UPC-A barcode.

The UPC-E code is a compressed barcode which is intended for use on small items. Compression works by squeezing extra zeros out of the barcode and then automatically re-inserting them at the scanner. Only barcodes containing zeros are candidates for the UPC-E symbol.

When reading UPC-E, results are returned as uncompressed UPC values.

You may have 6, 10, 11 or 12 digits in the UPC-E value. If the barcode value has more than 6 digits, Barcode Xpress automatically compresses the value. There are four rules that determine what UPC codes can be created using the compressed UPC-E format:

The UPC-E barcode is also commonly written with 2 different bar heights. Typically, the heights of the left and right guard bars are greater than the height of the bars that encode the actual barcode value, creating a notch in the barcode where the text value can be written.  The text value is for human user readability only; scanners ignore it.


Continuous, fixed length, 1D, numeric only, checksummed.

Common uses

Retail pricing and inventory management for small items.

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Tips on creating

UPC-E requires a quiet zone, which should be at least the width of 10 narrow bars.


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(structured append, Adobe deflate, etc)

(structured append, Adobe deflate, etc)